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Join Us

Once per month for a morning together with other expat women, where we will build connections, learn together and share our experiences!

All events will be organized for your convenience, with refreshments offered, and a topic of interest to learn or share about together. A cost applies to cover the organization and expenses of the event.

   Please sign up below to receive information about the date, time and place of the Women@Ease events.

September Event:

Women @ Ease Free Taster

Women @ Ease

October Event:

Ease into Addis Life

Women @ Ease October event

November Event:

An Artisan Experience


December Event:

Cookies & Carols

Christmas Cookies

January Event:

Health & Wellness


February Event:


Love Drunk Champange

March Event:

Sharing Culture Together

Country Flags

April Event:

Ease into Change


May Event:

Easing out Together

Carry-On Suitcase

June - August 2024

To be determined based on interest

Rain Boots
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