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  • What is the weather like in Ethiopia?
    Ethiopia is a vast country and the weather does vary based on location. In Addis Ababa the weather is very temperate, with the average temperature being around 20 degrees Celsius, but with no humidity. The long rainy season generally takes place from early June through the end of September.
  • Why is Ethiopia 7 years behind (on their calendar)?
    It is said that Ethiopia began counting from the current calendar from the time that the people heard about the birth of Christ, 7 years and 9 months after the rest of the world. The Ethiopian New Year begins on September 11th. Ethiopia also has 13 months, with 12 months of 30 days and one final month of 6 days (or 7 in a leap year).
  • Do many people in Ethiopia speak English?
    Ethiopia has over 60 languages and most people here speak at least two languages. However, English is mostly limited to the big cities, where people working in business, at shops and in restaurants do speak English.
  • How long does it take to get a work permit and/or residence permit in Ethiopia?
    In order for someone to get a work permit in Ethiopia, they must have arrived on a 30 day business visa, and the work permit and residence permit process must be completed before the 30 day business visa expires. If all of the documentation needed is in order, then it takes around 20 working days.
  • Is it difficult to buy a car and get a drivers license in Ethiopia?
    Ethiopia does not allow foreigners to own cars, so many organizations provide a car, or allow a foreigner to register their car under the company. To drive in Ethiopia, you are required to have an Ethiopian driving license. A foreign license can be converted to a local license with the proper documentation.
  • What is house rent like in Addis Ababa?
    Addis Ababa is sprawling capital city, that has growing immensely in the past decade. There are now many apartment buildings in the city, as well as both older style villas with a large compound and large luxuries homes often on smaller plots of land. House rent is very comparable to other large cities around the world, but finding a home can be time consuming.
  • I've lived in Ethiopia for a while and am mostly settled in - can I still use your services?
    We know that making a big move is complex, and so we offer services that will support you throughout your time here. If you have been here for a while you might have more questions now than you did when you first arrived. Maybe you would like to be part of cultural training opportunities to grow your knowledge of your new surroundings. We are here to provide holistic support, so please do reach out.
  • How can your organisation help me as I move to Ethiopia to work with an NGO? Won't my organisation support me?
    There are many international NGOs, foreign businesses and large organizations in Ethiopia. Each will have their own processes from very basic support such as booking tickets and a hotel to comprehensive support for the employee. Through our different service packages we can fill in the gaps that might exist, to offer holistic assistance, not only for you as the employee, but for any family members as well. This includes ongoing contingency services and opportunities to build networks and connections with other expats.
  • My church wants to send a mission group to Ethiopia to volunteer for a week. Can you assist with this?
    We would be happy to work with you on your mission trip planning. We can help with the planning aspects, in country logistics and cultural orientation to ensure that you team gets the most out of this trip. We can arrange for church visits and volunteer opportunities as well as tourist excursions for shopping trips and visits to museums, parks and other attractions.
  • I'm investing in a factory in Ethiopia and will have a mix of local and foreign staff. Can you assist us with some logistics?
    Congratulations on your investment. This is a exciting step. Expat Ease can provide assistance for logistics of work permits and residence permits for expat staff, cultural training for your entire team, as well support in finding housing, schools and community connections for their family.
  • How can I find out the costs of your services?
    If you are interested in one or more of our service packages, please fill out our contact form. We know that everyone has different needs and interests and different levels of support, and so we prepare a tailor-made package based on the types of services that you need, as an individual, family, or organization. Our services start from $15/month per individual for ongoing services and vary based on the level and services being requested. Contact us today to learn more.


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"It was fun getting to know the other ladies that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to come into contact with otherwise! Thank you all for your labour of love!"

"Thank you for a lovely day! The music was beautiful. The people were wonderful. The fellowship was sweet. The day was too short. :-)"

"Moving to Ethiopia with our three young children has been the most difficult and challenging adventure we have ever undertaken. I spent my childhood in undeveloped and war-torn countries, so I did not expect the emotional and mental catastrophe that moving here would bring.  Hannele has been present the entire time providing community, creating opportunities to connect with others, and to give and receive support. Hannele is an incredibly wise, empathetic, and experienced soul with great compassion and understanding about the challenges of expat living. She is and has been a blessing for us as we navigate this life here, and I highly recommend utilizing her skills if you are transitioning or struggling to adjust to living in a new culture."

"Gail has helped me in so many ways - both before arriving in Ethiopia as well as adjusting once I arrived in the country. I needed to have many documents authenticated in the states. This was difficult because I was living in Kenya at the time. Gail suggested the name of a company that could help me with the process and I'm so thankful she did because I was able to get everything done in the states while still living in Kenya! Once in Ethiopia, Gail answered my endless questions about culture, history, politics, travel, cross-cultural relationships, food, religion and other logistics involving how to navigate life in Ethiopia. Honestly, whenever I have a question even now, after 10 months in the country, Gail is the first person I think of to ask and I always receive a helpful answer from her!"            Michelle

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