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Blogs & Podcasts for Expats

The Black Expat

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Black Identity + International Living

The Black Expat is a multimedia platform focused on the intersection of Black identity and global mobility. We create and curate resources to help future expats live their best lives abroad.

We also have a podcast called The Global Chatter.

Diesel & Clooney

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Unpack the World

A comedic (and hopefully thought-provoking) journey to unpack relevant issues from the world of expats, global nomads, and an increasingly connected society with Chris O'Shaughnessy ( and Jerry Jones.

Love Your Expat Life

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Podcasts from Caroline Griffon

Leading an expat life can seem so glamorous and exciting, and often it is! But what if you struggle with the language, your professional credentials aren't recognized, or you find it difficult to build new relationships? Crafting a meaningful, satisfying life takes work no matter where you are, but for expat partners, the challenges can be even greater.

Not Home Yet

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Blog by Amy Medina

For most of my life, I’ve lived as a foreigner. My childhood was formed by an idyllic missionary-kid experience on the shores of West Africa, which led to early high school in Ethiopia and Kenya. I lived most of my adult life in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and had the privilege of visiting many other countries in between.  Read more by following the link...

Shop Talk

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Conversations about Cross Cultural Living

Brandi and James explore the "shop talk" of those engaging in cross cultural living and work. Having lived and worked cross culturally they will draw from their own experiences and interview others along the way.

The Trailing Spouse

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Career | Connection | Capacity Building

The Trailing Spouse Co is a network that supports trailing spouses globally through virtual and in-person events, training and workshops.

Listen to our podcast 'brunch.' on Apple Podcasts or watch on YouTube.

Faith-Based Blogs & Podcasts for Expats

A Life Overseas

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Honest Conversations from Around the World. Literally

The blog collective ‘A Life Overseas’ provides that place of online connection for Christ-following missionaries and humanitarian aid workers living in foreign countries– from the past, present, or future.  

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